House Ciders

As cider connoisseurs, we not only sell and drink them, but we also produce our own in large and small batches!  Our two most popular are listed below, and are also available in draft for wholesale, with 12 oz bottles arriving soon.  When you visit our locations, you’ll be able to sample small-batch ciders that we produced in back of our Brooklyn neighborhood location, using a wide variety of apples, pears, fermentation styles, carbonations, and more!


Check Taplister for our current selection

Alice – Alice has quickly become a favorite of staff and customers at our original Brooklyn Neighborhood location. The cider is made entirely from estate grown Granny Smith apples. The result is a clean, crisp, tart cider that can appeal to just about any customer.

Forgotten Trail – Our flagship cider, named after a trail that you may not have time to travel on as much as you’d like. This is a blend of estate grown fruit, sourced from Eastern Oregon. It comes out as a semi-dry cider, appealing to fans of dry cider, yet has a bit of natural sweetness to please a customer with a sweet tooth.

Gravenstein – 100% single varietal Oregon grown Gravenstein apples. Semi-sweet.

Newberg Scrump – Our yearly scrump, made with a blend of true English bittersweet apple varieties. Unfiltered and no sulfites or sugars added.


Seasonal Ciders

Check Taplister for our current selection

Mountain Rose – A single varietal of red flesh Mountain Rose apples, deep golden in color with a hint of red. The Mountain Rose has a fruit forward flavor from natural sugars remaining in the cider after fermentation, and a clean, dry finish.

Wild Scarlet – 100% Scarlet Surprise apples sourced in Hood River, OR. Scarlet Surprise apples are a fantastic red flesh apple that impart a hint of rose color. We then allowed the cider to go through a wild fermentation creating a full bodied, dry cider with just a hint of sweetness.

Lemongrass Ginger – Back by popular demand, the Lemongrass Ginger is our dry base cider infused with fresh Lemongrass and Ginger. As always, there are no artificial flavorings or sugar added. Lemongrass adds a light, citrusy flavor nicely balanced by the Ginger.

MacIntosh – 100% Macintosh single varietal sourced from Sauvie Island. We used white wine yeast and fermented the cider to dryness leaving no residual sugar. The Macintosh is juicy and full of sharp apple flavors with a dry finish.

Parkdale Gold – Made with Golden Ginger apples grown in Parkdale in the shadow of Mt Hood, this is a slightly sweeter, fruity cider with hints of oak and lemongrass. Unfiltered with a light straw color and dry finish.

Le Scrump – A blend of French bittersweet apples, pears and NW Manchurian Crap Apples. Semi-sweet with a clean, dry finish and a rich amber appearance.

Cherry – Made with our single variable Roxbury Russet base and added the juice from tart pie cherries. Complex and slightly sweet-tart with a dry finish.

Roxbury Russet – A single-varietal of Roxbury Russet apples sourced from EZ Orchards in Salem, this cider is complex with a dry finish and crisp apple flavors. Made with only apples crushed & fermented on location.

Perry – A house favorite made with 100% Taylor’s Gold pears sourced from Hood River. The Perry is fermented with white wine yeast for a clean, dry finish.

Smoked – Our cold rainy day seasonal we’ve been making since 2011, this year’s Smoked was made with house pressed wild apples from Estacada blended with Manchurian Crab apples. We smoked the apples over apple wood before pressing to create a dry complex cider like no other. Often compared to a Scotchy cider, you will notice smoke on the nose as well as the palate.