Bushwhacker Cider – Brooklyn
1212-D SE Powell
Portland, OR 97202
(503) 445-0577

Sunday-Thursday Noon to 10pm
Friday-Saturday Noon to 11pm


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♦ “Can you ship?”  We are not able to ship alcohol, sorry!  If you know someone in the greater Portland/Vancouver area, they can come in and buy whatever you need (our bottle list is regularly updated on this website), and we hear that UPS or FedEx may allow them to ship properly-wrapped bottles.  The US Postal Service will NOT allow alcohol to be shipped, we have asked.

♦ “Can we buy kegs of your ciders?”  Yes!  We sell kegs of our production ciders, and our staff is happy to answer questions and give samples to help make sure you get the correct size and type.  If you want a small batch cider, more planning ahead is required, and there are less options for the size of the keg, so please send us an email as soon as possible to plan the best cider for your events!
♦ “Can we buy kegs of guest ciders at your location?” Yes, when ordered at least a week in advance via email.
♦ “May we reserve seating for a special event?”  Bushwhacker Cider is not very large, so we are first-come, first-served.  The recommendation is to send someone early to try and hold seating for your group, but that works best for groups up to 12 people.  If you have a special need, please send us an email with your details so that we can look at the date, size, etc. and see if we can come up with an option for you.
♦ “Are children allowed?”  Bushwhacker Cider can not allow any minors in the bar due to our liquor license, sorry.
♦ “Do you have food?” We have small snacks available, but we encourage and allow outside food to be brought in. The Angry Unicorn burger truck is also currently located just outside our patio. Please see their Facebook page for menus and hours.