Bushwhacker Cider

to bushwhack: to cut or beat one’s way through thick woods

Bushwhacker is America’s first cider pub.  We produce our own traditional ciders and sell over 300 bottles and cans of local, national and international hard ciders.  Additionally we have 8 taps for draft cider, 6 of which rotate regularly.

You can visit us at 1212-D SE Powell, Portland OR.  We are open from Noon to 11 PM Monday through Thursday, and Noon to Midnight Fridays and Saturdays.  Seating is first come, first served.  Please order at the bar, and we do not charge a fee for bottles purchased and consumed on the premises.

Please check back soon for updates on our new location, which will open in the Woodlawn neighborhood early in 2015.  (Regular updates are posted on our social media pages, which you can find below in the footer!)

At our Brooklyn neighborhood location, we do not have a liquor license, which means we are not allowed to admit children or minors.  However, we love dogs, so please feel free to bring your four-legged family members if you’ll be out on our patio.  (Sorry, it is not covered year-round, so check the weather before you arrive!)  We also provide a number of board and card games, if you are so inclined to play.

Happy Hour

From open ’til 4 and 9 ’til close, Monday through Thursday, our Happy Hour specials are:
$1 off the cheese, charcuterie or schmear plates
a discount on pints
a $1 discount on mulled cider (while supplies last)