Bushwhacker Cider

to bushwhack: to cut or beat one’s way through thick woods

Craft Cider Book

Craft Cider: How to turn apples into Alcohol
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It’s hard to know where to start this post. With the help of some cheap whiskey I will do my best.

We made the tough decision to close Bushwhacker on 7-7-18. With too many reasons to count or share, all I can say is how emotional it has been for myself, and the staff. Emily, Leslie, and Michael are more than just amazing bartenders, they have become our family…and I think to some extent part of yours. They are exceptional employees that have stuck by us and given us more than any employer deserves.

Running a small business, any small business, is very hard. Sometimes, at the end of the day, passion and hard work just aren’t enough. The years of support that you have given us means more than you will ever know, and I hope that every one of you know that all of us have absolutely done the best we know how to do to make every time you have visited a unique, and positive experience. Cider or no cider, we strived to make Bushwhacker a meeting place, a place for new businesses to get their first chance, a space encouraging lively conversation, a place where you could come on your first date, or a pub with friendly faces to console you when you’re down.

I have fond memories of buying the first case of 2 Towns from Aaron, I remember sitting with Nat going over his first label designs, every week I order from Zeb whether I need it or not just for an excuse to share a drink, Izaak and I talking complete BS over expensive German Cider, sharing cider with Tom Oliver and Kevin Zelinski, my first picking party with James and Nick from Wandering Aengus…

Regulars have become world class cider makers or gone into sales, and past bartenders have gone on to work for Schilling, Finnriver, and Apple Outlaw, and every week we get guests in excited about getting into the cider industry in some way. It’s been a pretty special spot to see careers grow from.

I can be proud of that…but really…I did nothing but get lucky to hire amazing staff throughout the years, and somehow to keep the lights on and keep welcoming our customers. So, thank you, and thanks to all of our current, and past staff that helped me out. We’ve shared drinks, cried together, laughed together, and yes…sometimes fought like family

It’s been 8 years full of ups and downs for our little cider pub, but it’s time to say good-bye.